Videojet coding and marking technology – Thermal Transfer Printer (TTO)

Thermal Transfer Printer (TTO)

High performance TTO systems offer higher throughput to provide more capability for faster marking on flexible film and label applications, along with advanced data handling to print information such as variable bar codes.

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Several coding technologies can be utilized for contact or non-contact marking of the label before application. Precise label control facilitates high quality alphanumeric and bar code printing.


Thermal inkjet (TIJ)

Ink-based, non-contact printing using heat and surface tension to move ink onto a package surface. Generally used to print 2D DataMatrix and other bar codes.


Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO)

A digitally controlled printhead precisely melts ink from a ribbon directly onto flexible films to provide high resolution, real-time prints.

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Brothers Pharmamach Pvt. Ltd. uses DataFlex 6530 for high-speed coding on bottle labels
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Videojet 6530 u0026 6330 Thermal Transfer Overprinting Products
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