Excel Series Inks & Fluids

The Excel equipment line uses more than 135 proven fluids formulations for a wide variety of applications, including opaque inks which allow for bright codes on dark surfaces.

This series includes printers that automatically monitor and adjust ink viscosity. Excel models also include an AutoFlush feature that automatically cleans the printhead at shutdown for reduced maintenance and increased uptime.

Inks available for the Excel series printers include:

  • Thermochromic/colour change fluids for retort processes
  • Food grade for direct marking on food packaging and materials
  • Opaque formulations for bright codes on dark surfaces
  • Inks with dry times less than 1 second (substrate dependent)
  • UV cure, UV readable and chemical-resistant formulations
  • Military Spec fluids
  • Inks that withstand condensation for cold-fill applications

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