Videojet assists in meeting challenging projects at up-and-coming direct mail solutions company

P2H Direct Mail Ltd in Northampton has been working with Videojet, since the company was created in 2011, to print addresses on to a range of direct mail products. The company specialise in providing a wide range of direct mail and print finishing services to the printing industry, and thrive on challenging projects with niche businesses and labour intensive jobs.

P2H Direct Mail treats each requirements indivisually, with an experienced team and earehouse facility, promosing to deliver “on time, on budget, every time”.

Videojet’s 4320 Inkjet addressing and Imaging system is used to print addresses in various fonts on to products such as postcards, mailers and envelopes. The high speed output of the combined 4320 inkjet printer and 7000 Cheshire base is capable of printing over 30,000 items per hour, and is ideal for simplex name, address mailings and CBC barcodes for postage requirements.

The printer is quick and reliable, and has “on or offline PDF proofing” removing the need for sample runs to get customer approvals.

The Videojet 4320 is proven technology, incorporating durable and economical HP inkjet catridges. It can be used to produce high quality mailings or to over print variable data on any other kind of materials. With adjustable print resolution of 150, 200, 300 or 600 dpi and expandable print head configurations from 2 to 8 inches, in 2 or 4 inch increments, the Videojet 4320 can print promotional messages, coupons, graphics and spot colour, as well as basic eight-line addresses. The print configuration of the Videojet 4320 can be changed or expanded at any time to run all kinds fo jobs.

P2H Direct Mail Ltd in Northampton has never used anything other than Videojet, but Jamie Adams, Business Development Director, was drawn to the Videojet 4320 from previous experience in the printing industry. Jamie has been impressed by the 4320 printer as it opens up a variety of work opportunities. He said: “Videojet have supplied an inkjet printer that has a superb print quality, high productivity speeds and great integration with the Cheshire base. The service is excellent, and the bulk-ink delivery system helps to reduce printing costs, which is ideal for keeping consumable costs down.”

So far one machine has been purchased at the newly-launched direct mail solutions company, however Jamie said there is no hesitation to spend again with Videojet, and may be looking to purchase again in the near future.

Jamie added: “P2H Direct Mail Ltd is an up-and-coming company that responds quickly and efficiently to any requirement. With limited inkjets in the market, it soon came clear that the Videojet 4320 inkjet printer and 7000 Cheshire base was the printer to purchase and assist in our future growth.”

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