Inventive design

Virtually error proof operation

With minimal wear parts and fast-change ribbon cassette,
the 6230 offers maximized uptime advantage.

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Kontaktujte nás:

Prodej zařízení: +420-228-810-079
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Inventive design

The Videojet 6230 easily integrates into most production
lines, and is designed to withstand typical production line
environments. The airless printer design offers the
following benefits:

  • Eliminate the need for compressed air
  • Fewer wear parts through elimination of air hoses and connectors
  • Consistent code quality through more precise printhead control
  • Avoid the risk of operators over-adjusting conventional air settings

Easy maintenance

  • Fewer wear parts are fast and easy to change, helping to ensure production is up and running as quickly as possible
  • Printhead is simple to replace and requires no additional operator intervention to return to printing functionality